Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Search Site. You may want to create a temporary marker of sorts so you recognize your return route. © 2006-2020 Sheep Mountain from Mapcarta, the free map. The mountain goats have generally occupied the central portion of the range. I noticed that some campsites have been made on hill tops to catch a breeze, hopefully strong enough to keep the weak flyers grounded. The Just Trails website has some good photos and maps to copy or gps trail beta to download. This section is pretty steep and probably a few hundred yards. (16), Climber's Log Entries A parcel on Sheep Mountain was recently sold by The Nature Conservancy in Wyoming to the U.S. Bureau of Land Management. Anyone who wants to understand the lay of the land and get a bird’s-eye view of Wyoming’s basin and range topography will enjoy Sheep Mountain. With towering mountains, stunning meadows, and wide open skies, this state is begging to be explored on foot. Geologically speaking, Sheep Mountain is an anticline which is a type of folded bedrock that has an arch-like shape with its oldest rocks at its core. Location: West of Laramie, southeast of Centennial. I have a cache up there too (Northern Trailhead)… a gorgeous spot that i’m planning to ascend tomorrow morning (in the snow/cold) to snag a FTF…. When you find it, log in, take a trinket and leave a trinket. Slightly veer to the north and follow disturbed earth until you reach a small knob. Sheep Mountain is the large fortress of a mountain that overlooks Buffalo Bill Reservoir from the west near Cody, Wyoming. the National Elk Refuge boundary at the north end of the town of Jackson; southerly, easterly and northerly along said boundary to the Grand Teton National Park boundary; northerly along said boundary to U.S. Highway 26-287; easterly along said highway to Togwotee Pass. Sadly this trail receives only sporadic maintenance. View Sheep Mountain North Image Gallery - 16 Images. Encompassing a space of nearly ten square miles, it is the last peak that sits between the North and South Forks of the Shoshone River before they join at the reservoir. There is no sign at that mountain top junction. The coordinates for the summit are 044° 26′ 32.51″ N, 109° 19″ 41.75″ W. Sheep Mountain is a typical western hill that has several apparent summits. Wyoming is pretty much a hiker’s paradise. Sheep Mountain is in the Gros Ventre Wilderness of Bridger-Teton National Forest. Parents refers to a larger category under which an object falls. From the north end you can see the Snowy Range, Rocky Mountain National Park and the peaks of the Rawah Wilderness. Geologists speculate that Heart Mountain detached from its parent rock some 30 miles to the west and slid out onto the Big Horn Basin. The TH I used was burned and difficult to locate in 2013. Guide: It is roadless and the trail is the longest hiking trail on the Wyoming side of the Medicine Bow range. Geometry of Sheep Mountain Anticline [14] Sheep Mountain Anticline is a basement‐cored, doubly plunging, asymmetric fold (Figures 1 and 3). Bighorn sheep (Ovis canadensis) Taken at various locations along the North Fork Highway and the North Fork Shoshone River in Wyoming west of Cody, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA. Sheep Mountain Trail est un sentier allez-retour de 11.1 miles peu fréquenté situé près de Laramie, Wyoming. Keep your eyes out for posts marking the trail. Then just a bit further south, on the east side, there is a double trunked tree next to another tree. Sheep Mountain is a 6.5 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Cody, Wyoming that features a lake and is rated as difficult. From Laramie, travel on Wyoming Highway 130 west toward Centennial. On an earlier excursion I had found a nice fire ring with a trail next to it. 8. The hike:From the Sheep Mountain Trailhead (Trail 386) your hike skirts a stand of trees and then moves into a dry open sagebrush hillside, busy with wildflowers in the spring. There is a high point of marble off the trail to the west. The red rock layer close to the mountain is older than the white rock layer. Near Greybull, Wyoming is a long ridge called Sheep Mountain. In the Area Localities. Area 8. Once you get to the knob the trail becomes defined and will take you right up to the ridgeline. All, I hiked Sheep Mtn last Monday/Tuesday south to north. . From Kelly, Wyoming, take Gros Ventres Road north and east, about 1/3 mile past the junction of Antelope Flats and Gros Ventres Road. Made it a pretty easy overnighter. Visitors who are not driving four-wheel drive, high clearance vehicles can still access the views from the end of Sheep Mountain Table by foot. Near the top, you'll find an extended basin … The Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep is the largest wild sheep inhabiting North America. They are also prime breeding ground for mosquitoes, which can be fierce near sunset. (2). Le sentier vous présentera des fleurs sauvages et sa difficulté est évaluée comme difficile. From the road the mountain simply looks like a narrow ridge. They are generally a dark brown to gray/brown color with a white rump patch, muzzle and back of legs. The Sheep Mountain Trail is a foot/horse trail that winds up an impressive box canyon to the top of Sheep Mountain, where visitors have the freedom to explore … The trail is primarily used for hiking, bird watching, horses, and mountain biking and is best used from April until October. This entry was posted in Wyoming and tagged Albany Wyoming, Centennial Wyoming, Laramie Wyoming hiking, Medicine Bow National Forest, Sheep Mountain. But don’t judge a book by its cover. This tool allows you to look up elevation data by searching address or clicking on a live google map. As I rushed to get off the trail by dark I envied them. This was cleared of deadfall in 2007 about to the middle of sect27. But before entering the dark forest, get a good view of the Snowy Range and the Laramie Plain. Sheep Mountain is in the Summits category for Crook County in the state of Wyoming. Worked very well! The road continues 2.5 miles past the overlook and comes to a dead end. Then more deadfall makes travel difficult. Turn left on Wyoming Highway 11. Such a tranquil place so close to home. Don’t forget repellent, whether coming day or night. This page shows the elevation/altitude information of Sheep Mountain North, Wyoming, USA, including elevation map, topographic map, narometric pressure, longitude and latitude. But, what I want to tell you all about is that I discovered a trail that descends most of the way down to the access point off of hwy 11. Marc Smith’s Hiking Wyoming’s Medicine Bow National Forest – Third Edition, Erik Molvar’s Wild Wyoming. For example, theAconcagua mountain page has the 'Aconcagua Group' and the 'Seven Summits' asparents and is a parent itself to many routes, photos, and Trip Reports. Sheep Mountain … Sheep Mountain 10 miles north of Greybull on WY-310: The prominent hill to the east is known as Sheep Mountain. Hazelton Hamlet, 7 miles south; Meadow Lark Lake Hamlet, 11 miles west; Buffalo; Saddlestring Hamlet, 19 miles north; Ten Sleep; Kearny Hamlet, 25 miles north; Landmarks. ", Images Mountain bikes are allowed. I have always suspected that hunters probably use the campsite as well as the trail. This trail begins as a two-track before turning into a single track that climbs up the north end of Sheep Mountain. Sheep Mt. There are two southern trailheads: Sheep Mountain Trailhead at 2.3 miles and the Forbes Game and Fish Trailhead at 5.5 miles. On one trek I met up with a father and son making an overnight backpack trip of the mountain. 7. The bogs are interesting and picturesque. Distance: Roughly 15 miles from end to end. The mountain top is a big surprise, a long basin with flowing streams, abundant wetlands and floating mat bogs. The Red Hills Campground is directly across the road from the trailhead. The North access, which only the crazy or the seriously athletic would want to ascend, begins at a small pull out with on WY 11, 1.9 miles south of WY 130. Turn left on Fox Creek Road as Wyoming Highway 11 makes a hard turn to the west. So I made it a point to go to that area and follow the well-defined trail. It is roadless and the … It goes through an area that was heavily burned during the Squirrel Creek fire of July 2012. I did lose the trail a few times on top, but always got back to it by using the “stick to the ridge” philosophy. My off-trail route up the mountain basically was always a bit south of the trail. Le sentier offre plusieurs activités et sa meilleure utilisation est de mai à octobre. Good luck! Do you have a GPS? Bighorn sheep have historically been in two separate herds with approximately half occupying the northern portion of the range and the other half in the southern end of the range. It’s considered a sensitive species, imperiled due to its rarity. At the north end though, the rock changes, showing an even older, darker granite and hornblende gneiss. (1), Comments Location: Medicine Bow National Forest, 21 miles west of Laramie, Wyoming Access: From Exit 311 on I-80 in Laramie, take Hwy 230 south 25.6 miles to Fox Creek Rd near Woods Landing, then head west on Fox Creek Rd 2.1 miles to the TH on the north side of the road. Wyoming Wild Sheep Foundation- Putting And Keeping Kids and Wild Sheep on the Mountain. However, there has been a gradual increase in the abundance and distribution of non-native mountain goats in this region during five decades. I lost the trail on a high, narrow ridge and used a GPS to find my way down. Staying on the left of the drainage follow it up 100 yards or so. Sheep Mountain is highly visible in this area and yet rarely visited in the easternmost point of the Medicine Bow Range. Dogs and horses are also able to use this trail. The Forbes Wildlife trail (Trail 386W) offers somewhat different views as it ascends the sagebrush slopes to join 386. © 2020 Roger Ludwig  |  Atlatl theme by Ryan Ludwig, Hiking Wyoming’s Medicine Bow National Forest – Third Edition,, ← Spring and Fall Hikes at Guernsey State Park, I Love Big Bend National Park. Good to see this site. It is the surface expression of an upward fold in the earth’s crust that geologists refer to as an anticline. If you’re camping please use established fire rings. The town of Jackson, Wyoming is southwest of the peak. They’ll be hidden away in this high sanctuary. The rock layers closer to the road are older than the rocks at the top of the ridge, at the yellow place marker. Maps: USGS Rex Lake (north), Lake Owen (south); Medicine Bow National Forest Map, Medicine Bow “Sheep Mountain” pamphlet. My logic was to stay out of the trees for easier hiking. The trail levels out for miles of walking among the trees, along the sides of bogs and the trickling headwaters of streamlets. I understand from Shan Holyoak who went up earlier in 2017 that the trail is generally clear after that point until it nears the end. I followed it down almost to the north/south running game trails that lead to the access point. However, this remarkable beauty can make avoiding crowded trails a bit of a struggle. The canyon runs into private but there is a trail that skirts above this private and around to the Northern USFS Sheep Trailhead on the Centennial Road. Coming from the access point you follow the well-defined track that runs easterly then curve to the south as the trail does. These trees are just to the left of a very tiny drainage. When you’re looking for a unique getaway in Wyoming, you don’t have to head to the National Parks. The order is given in conjunction with Rocky Mountain Blue Team Incident Command on the … →. The property sits west of Cody between the North … The mountain is an uplift of ancient Precambrian granite, the same pink, coarse grained Sherman type rock we’re familiar with from Pole Mountain. Most hikers will make a day of Sheep Mountain, turning back when dinner calls. If you have questions about driving up Sheep Mountain Table, please contact the park at (605) 433-5361. Mullen Fire burning Friday, 9/25 (Red Feather Lodge, Facebook) CASPER, Wyo — The Albany County Sheriff’s Office has issued a full mandatory evacuation for areas near Sheep Mountain to Lake Hattie Reservoir and North of HWY-230 to the Mullen Fire burning in the Medicine Bow National Forest. Though the summit of this peak looks narrow and exposed, it is actually a beautiful and scenic area. The 19,238 acres of Sheep Mountain were designated a National Wildlife Refuge on August 8, 1924 to preserve our elk population. Beginning where Pine Creek crosses U.S. Highway 191 in There is a simple wire gate and a post where the sign used to me. I will attach a photo or two to show you the trees that are the reference point. Sheep Mountain Summit; Paradise Lake Lake, 3 miles northwest; Mabel Lake Lake, 3½ miles north; Loaf Mountain Summit, 3½ miles northwest; Brown Bear Lake Lake, 3½ miles north; Magdalene Lake Lake, … (See photo at end.). Elevations: Sheep Mountain trailhead (south) 7840’, high point 9480’, north access route 7700’. Sheep Mountain is a mountain in Wyoming and has an elevation of 7402 feet. and “head for the hills,” as it were. Pointers: While in the open sage keep your eyes out for the Colorado Tansy-aster (Machaeranthera Coloradoensis), a pink, rose or purple ray flower with golden centers, sprouting from a grayish white herb with coarsely toothed leaves. The Forbes trail is closed between January 1st and April 30th to protect elk calving. A few will want to cover the whole 15 miles with a friend, making a route down the plunging sides of the steep draws, 1700 vertical feet to a stashed car. Bighorn sheep rams who appear to be conversing with each other. Who is Going to Love It. You will pass, on your right, a heavily vegetated area. At the northern end of Sheep Mountain is the location of the Gros Ventre landslide. The Fence Creek trail does not join the main Sheep Mountain Trail. It was, indeed, great to get away from graduate school at Univ.Wyo. Great job describing the trail, although it has changed a bit since my tour. Check out:, Trailhead: From Cheyenne take I-80 to Laramie, Exit 311, go southwest on WY 230 for 23 miles, turn north on Fox Creek Road (Forest Service 311). It’s at elevation 9,445’. Sheep Mountain forms a long ridge in the Gros Ventre Range and is easily seen from Jackson Hole. All Rights Reserved. Just did the north trailhead access yesterday, using your photo of the unmarked trailhead gate and description of how to pick up the main trail. It can be a hot climb, but it doesn’t last long. Highlights: This is the mountain that everyone sees but few explore, the eastern most spur of the Medicine Bow Range. Sheep Mountain () is located in the U.S. state of Wyoming. If you’re looking for a one of a kind overnight stay, visit the Sheep Mountain Lookout tower and stay a night high above the ground. I haven’t been back to Sheep Mountain since (passed it by on Wyo. Anyone who is interested in visiting Sheep Mountain can print the free topographic map and street map using the link above. It fizzles out a couple hundred yards from them but I’m sure this is as the riders approach that area they just take shortest/easiest route. The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem of Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho comprise an important region for bighorn sheep in North America. "Health is simply the slowest possible rate at which one can die. Climbing over and around this mass of fallen trees and relocating the trail can be a challenge. Sheep Mountain The Sheep Mountain Anticline is situated between the towns of Lovell and Greybull in the northwest part of Wyoming; its long, narrow, and perfectly straight crest is an easily recognizable sight from many areas around the Big Horn Basin. What type of feature is this? If you’re going to do it, stay above all fences to avoid trespassing on private property. This is an image of the land near Block Mountain, Montana. Hiking info, trail maps, and trip reports from North Sheep Mountain (8,061 ft) in Wyoming 130 and 230 a number of times, but didn’t get back to that amazing crest. Always fun exploring up there. Mark Laughlin has already given a great general description of the area in Sheep Mountain Trail, although the GPS track for that trail does not end at the public access at the North Trailhead.Rather, it cuts downhill and west, leaving you on private land relatively far from Hwy 11. You can also subscribe without commenting. Had I wandered a bit more north and up into the trees I would have stumbled across the trail. I placed a geocache at N 41 15.557’, W 106 02.699’. The mountain top is a big surprise, a long basin with flowing streams, abundant wetlands and floating mat bogs. This is an image of the northern end of Sheep Mountain, Wyoming. It Nearly Killed Me. O ne thing to ponder while wandering about is the fact that Sheep Mountain is actually a portion of Heart Mountain which looms on the horizon to the north. After the first mile it levels out for another one mile, and then climbs steeply into the refreshing shade of lodgepole pines. This year 44 sheep were counted on the north end and 37 on the southern end. Our gorgeous mountains and high desert prairie are home to some of the coolest places on Earth! Hiking Sheep Mountain Table. Ticks can be plentiful in spring as well. Les chiens sont les bienvenus sur ce sentier. Sheep Mountain. There are a number of nice campsites on top, established by hunters. 2.3. There is an old road in a canyon on the north east end of Sheep (Johns Cr.). Its NW–SE trend is similar to that of many folds within the Rocky Mountains, although some others formed at acute angles to … I hiked this trail in 1988. The 19,238 acres of Sheep Mountain were designated a National Wildlife Refuge on August 8, 1924 to preserve our elk population. Sheep Mountain is displayed on the Black Hills USGS quad topo map. The Sheep Mountain Trail can be reached from two trailheads along Fox Creek Road. The Forest Service’s Sheep Mountain pamphlet shows a Fence Creek Access as well. You’ll cross a two track and some underground piping. Wyoming Communities. Few people will wish to explore this now difficult route. Trailhead: There are multiple access points to Sheep Mt. [8] Sheep Mountain anticline is located on the eastern flank of the Bighorn Basin (), north central Wyoming, north of the town of Greybull.The Bighorn Basin is a structural low, with the Absaroka Range to the west, the Bighorn Mountains to the east, and the Owl Creek Mountains to the south. A large ram (a male sheep) may weigh over 300 pounds and stand over 42 inches tall at the shoulder. On a May, 2017, day trip I found a large area of deadfall just past an irrigation headgate.

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