7:33 pm. It pleases you.”   Or how about this:  “Others may label you creative or original or conceptual or even smart. In the process, they make their point bigger than it needs to be. Fewer but more trusted relationships means they need to be deeper to satisfy the same emotional requirement as someone otherwise not hobbled. In 2004, the assessment's name was formally changed to "Clifton StrengthsFinder" in honour of its … I’m actually tempted to do a comparison of the 34 StrengthsFinders themes and the 12 signs of the traditional horoscope. They're your energy takers. Or, perhaps you enjoy Harmony as a strength because you’ve found that the best way to avoid being trampled by others is to get out of the way or take the path of least resistance. ... {as a Relator #1, he shrivels without it}, and I do too in the end. 11:12 am, nareg It does not validate whether you really are analytical, strategic, etc., or whether you are actually good at those skills, styles or behaviors therein. I didn’t like the cover and the title – I thought it had a strange title. **LONG RANT WARNING***, THEME #1) ARBITRARY:  The premise of StrengthsFinder is to use an inventory of 34 “themes” to  help people discover their talents, which are defined as “naturally recurring patterns of thought, feeling, or behavior” that are “enduring and unique.” By understanding and harnessing one’s talents, a person can cultivate their strengths, which are defined as “consistent near perfect performance in an activity.”, In order to perform an activity, the authors say we must have knowledge (defined  as “the facts and lessons learned”) and skills (“the steps of an activity”). However, some people like the idea of being measured and compared to other people, so in addition to the advantage of having social proof, popular assessments like SF will also have the advantage of providing a “benchmark” for people who want to know how well they “stack up.”. How To Have A Positive Attitude Everyday Companion Lyrics | purathrive reviews https://danspira.com/2009/01/10/top-five-weaknesses-of-strengthsfinder/ […], Clifton StrengthsFinder | BrownStudies THEME #5) INCOMPLETE:  StrengthsFinder, according to its technical appendix, captures personal motivation, interpersonal skills, self-presentation and learning style. These are the people you are closest to and you can count on them no matter what. It’s start of a discussion.” It reminds me of something Douglas Adams once wrote in his book Mostly Harmless, “It’s just a way of thinking about a problem which lets the shape of that problem begin to emerge.” Mind you, Adams was talking about horoscopes, not psychometric instruments… but I think he would have regarded the statement as applicable to both. GENIUS STATEMENT. For example, my top three are: one thing i do want to comment about tho: there are certain things you cannot learn effectively. February 1, 2012 @ Themes provide a range of “actions, attitudes, and behaviors” that are similar in a few particular ways but vary in how they are applied, in what situation, for what purpose, and to what outcome. Also, that sort of predictable repetition can’t help with a personal narrative bias. However, when you get right down to it, what the authors relegate as “skills” that can be learned versus “talents” that are innate can, at times, seem a bit arbitrary. In everyday lives we cannot always follow our passions. The people to whom you feel most close are the same people who feel most close to you.”) Yes, this trait is a human universal… as are pretty much all of the VIA traits. January 20, 2011 @ Early failures lead to later successes, and early success should more often than not lead to continued success rather than failure. I’m talking about ordinary people – the people we meet every day in business – people who have variegated, diffuse strengths and weaknesses, but more importantly, who also have values and opportunities that they may choose to follow, according to their own free will. With its black box survey algorithm, blurry definitions and distinctions, and its total lack of falsifiability, it’s impossible to prove or disprove anything about StrengthFinders. Developmental instruments like the SF are unique because if they are not approached with an understanding of their development and purpose and a thorough understanding of the technical manual (which is available for free) AND with appropriate instruction from experienced facilitators (better with MA/MS or Phd/EdD training) clients and students can gain a clarity and a personal understanding that is remarkable. Some cultures are like that. So tools like StrengthsFinder, with their lack of truly scientific rigor, can be effective nonetheless. You assess & grade them in the CV review, phone screens or follow-up in an interview. After all that I’ve read here, I will wait. danspira way too balanced. So, when I started to read the book, I was thrilled because it was exactly what I was thinking one day before. 3:46 pm. One of the things I find myself doing more and more, drawing from the field of Positive Psychology, is to uncover the “positive intent” embedded within a behavior and finding better ways to satisfy that intent. You can't fix a weakness. 9:44 pm, […] and Tithing, aka, The time has come, A fact's a fact, It doesn't belong to us, Let's give it backTop Five Weaknesses of StrengthsFinder Long Tail Survival Tip #1 : Strong Communication SkillsBiting the Bulletpoint, Part Two: Flowcharts, […], Vilma It is not measuring specific unique “behaviors” (constructs). I’m only commenting now, because I intend to use SF with clients, but want to go in with ‘eyes wide open’ as it were. Kenny Temowo the “normal” people, the middle 80%, can not be categorized, patterned, branded, cuz their personality is way too fluid. 9:32 pm. […], nareg Often people will ask us, "What does it mean to have the Adaptability Strength?" I agree that there’s no way to scientifically assess the validity of the SF assessment. Gaming addictions are a growing problem, particularly in first-world countries with widespread data connectivity and easy access to smartphones. A person’s ability to be effective (or even “consistently near perfect”) in empathy is not dependent on a static variable of their brain circuitry, frozen at age 16. Thanks for this post. 2:35 pm. Leaving aside the straw man argument of the extremes (I’m going to unilaterally replace your word “hate” with “very very uncomfortable” ..and if you don’t like it, take it out on me in our next game of Attack), sales development is actually an area that I can comment on from direct experience – both as a manager and now as a salesperson and as an instructor at a consulting firm for some of the world’s top performing companies, dealing with all kinds of personality types. those strengthfinder ppl seem to be talking about the same thing ive been commenting about on this blog for weeks. Join now! 4 Domains of Strength. I realized already that academia wasn’t for me, because it’s filled with people with my first 3 strengths, but annoyingly absent of my latter 2. While it would expose the possibility of changes in one’s “signature strengths,” given the right pre-frame / inoculation, the publisher could spin it in a way that does not diminish (or even add to!) 4:11 pm, Dan, Taking a while to think through things a few more times can pay dividends if you discover a flaw in your plan which would lead to someone being able to take advantage of you. On the surface that sounds trite, and it might be, but… well… just read the damn book. But that is just my bias at this particular time, and I am not a professional career advisor. As a career counselor and strengths consultant, its not what the assessment or inventory results are, it’s how the client/student relates to what it says.” And from what the client says we, can discover THEIR truth, potential as well as identify barriers in helping them identify their form of excellence. Did you know that the StrengthsFinder tool can be used powerfully to enhance marriage or couple relationships? Individualization, That’s true, so how do I find the right industry or position that blends contrary strengths like: Maintaining curiosity and adaptability is critical in our rapidly changing environment. RELATIONSHIP BUILDING themes help you build strong relationships that hold a … Here is a fantastic recent article from the New York Times Magazine, by fellow Montrealer Steven Pinker. Strength in Intellection was compounded daily by social isolation in grade school. Well that, and a lot of statistical training that helps me better understand the way data is often data mined in non-valid ways. Clifton StrengthsFinder Singapore. Therefore on the surface, StrengthsFinder tool seems to be a better fit than VIA for industrial applications – although I dispute the degree to which StrengthsFinder positions its “signature themes” as stable character traits vs. learnable behaviors. First, know that StrengthsFinder will help you figure out your potential. Yada, yada, yada. What a coincidence. If we let down our initial defensive barrier and set aside the rationalizations, we may even uncover the deepest and strongest elements of our personality playing out in broad daylight. Use the House-Tree-Person for all I care and let Gallup know that you’ve “improved” SF and use it for selection and see what they say..maybe they are missing something you’ve discovered an will now advocate for it as a solitary selection assessment (ask them). You seem to know such things better. Hope this helps… and do please let me know if you come across anything else! February 3, 2009 @ While well-meaning in their intent, the authors give less the less-nuanced reader a powerful tool for stereotyping themselves and others… it’s like handing out scalpels to  non-surgeons. Were the leaders motivational? Yucks for CliftonStrengths Responsibility What's a Yuck? So perhaps the VIA instrument would be a better fit for more generalized purposes of self-discovery and self-help. With 95% of respondents confirming th accuracy of it (though I realise that if you if consider cognitive dissonance theory, this that amazing, but still! 10:47 pm. I didn’t get that. How does being cliquish and going deep in relationships connect? I firmly believed that moved way up. 8:38 pm. Thank you for your thoughtful review. Now, that takes a back seat to teamwork and a host of other things because I’ve witnessed it out of control to hurt people in business – firing people because results weren’t perfect, people stepping on each other to get promotions, etc. 6:28 pm. First, know that StrengthsFinder will help you figure out your potential. 8:35 pm. And I understand that you wrote the contrary position to offer balance, not to dismiss the value of StrengthsFinders. Each manager then assessed our current sales team, held similar discussions with every field sales unit, focused on maximizing their strengths for career success. Retrieved from https://danspira.com/2009/01/10/top-five-weaknesses-of-strengthsfinder/ Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like this […], Neale Hence the notion that a “strength” is something that *strengthens* a person, and it’s that energizing effect that propels the person to become better (“stronger”) at it. If you haven’t seen it already, you might enjoy checking out some of the continued work of Marcus Buckingham at http://www.tmbc.com/ as well as Zenger Folkman at http://zengerfolkman.com/. What defines a teacher? IT… Playing to Strengths « drivenbytech This guy gets it: David M February 9, 2009 @ Simply because I’d be interested to know your thoughts.. Would happily do I Skype call if you’re interesrsdl? 9:42 am. While I’m in critique mode: I wasn’t too keen on some of the VIA questions, e.g. If we are serious about understanding, measuring and predicting what human beings are truly capable of doing and whether or not there is a reasonable likelihood they will do it for us, perhaps we should consider approaching the “art and science of talent management in the way we do research and development and make sure that we fold it into our long range strategic plans. Very insightful and practical stuff. Strengths School™ by Strengths Movement Pte Ltd • All Rights Reserved © 2020, Singapore, 195 Pearl's Hill Terrace, Singapore, 168976, Singapore, Strengths of Fathers: A Fathers' Day Special, Using StrengthsFinder for Work - Managing My Blind Spots, Using StrengthsFinder for Work - Reflections of an Educator, What's in a Teacher? Input: People who are especially talented in the Input theme have a craving to know more. Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs book – a classic that I read in junior high – describes 12 different personality types (it’s not your average horoscope b.s. Likewise, thank you for these thoughtful comments and questions. Great suggestion, re: having the career center people call up the psychology department people. ), and generally positive.” (retrieved from https://danspira.com/2009/01/10/top-five-weaknesses-of-strengthsfinder). Are you a Counsellor, Social Worker or someone in the Social Work industry? The novelty was that I came up with the idea that the secret of happines at work is to do sth tha you are REALLY good at. from a managerial point of view, when faced with the decision of who to assign to what position, i think it is reasonable to assume “playing for strengths” is the recommended course of action. Clifton StrengthsFinder, which has been officially rebranded to CliftonStrengths, is a strengths assessment test that evaluates how you act when you’re at your best. No strings attached, this isn’t a marketing ploy (at least not my intention) – I’m British, remember lol?! Thank you Vilma… please do share your other thoughts! Context 31. ), and generally positive. “Like “Targeted Selection”, a mainstay of the pharma industry for decades, really uncovered proficiency or effectiveness in a candidate. If, according to your StrengthsFinder profile, you score low on Empathy, Command, Self-Assurance, etc, etc. Not a Leadership Vision Subscriber? I thank you for reading my previous post, and for taking time reading this other one. That’s an interesting point you make about using extremes to isolate variables. FYI mine are Activator,Woo,Strategic,Futuristic,Command. […], Bill Spira Photography | Fast Photos For You And Me on another note, talking about extremes is the only way to be able to connect social sciences to arithmetic (which i have to mention again, i strongly disagree with, even if i sing a similar tune as the strengthdfinders ppl). No matter. Your distinction about context, management vs personal development, is quite sharp. May 21, 2015 @ THEME #4)  WRONG:  Going back to the authors’ assertion that Empathy is an innate talent for which a true strength cannot be obtained through training, I must disagree. LOLed on the job description, well played! Recent Podcast Episodes. November 12, 2013 @ Thanks for examining this pop pscyhology/culture phenomenon, from one contrarian to another. 6:59 am. Career, Coaching, Learning, Management, Talent Buried in a few places in the books, the authors concede that one shouldn’t “forgo… weakness fixing” in the areas that they have marked-off as the exclusive domain of innate talent. you can take courses and emulate, but in my experience, emulation is easily sniffed out, and “fake” is a difficult stigma to get rid of. Eg, I’m far from a natural empath but I’ve forced myself to learn this skill (because reasons) – and it’s been invaluable. This is such a broad topic and I still have thoughts running in my head, but the writing cannot catch the speed of my thoughts. Sometimes you just have to! All the rest is just academic defensive BS. Deliberative, well, that’s an easy one. When you see the stick figure who looks weak, consider if these things are draining you at work. Relator 26. People who only care about results and not their members’ well-being, needs and interests, Strong and bonded team with close relationship, Reaching goals together with close friends, When others confide in you about their feelings, fears, troubles and goals, Opportunities to share your goals and thoughts with others, Your care for people on a personal level draws them to you and earns their respect, Your innate talent to deepen relationships allows you to build rapport with others quickly and have a closely-knitted network of friends. The main thing I got from the book was a re-thinking of “strength” to mean something that “strengthens” you, which actually may not be what you – or others – consider to be your talent. The tool is based in part on the work of Edgar schein, Abraham Maslow and the Enneagram, and in a way similar to SF, measures what makes us tick, but provides an actual metric of this. danspira And I think that this is wrong. 16 Apr 2017. Dave George –My point is that assessments measure a lot more than preferences and best practice is that when you use an assessment, you assess competencies first and personality or preference as a secondary measure. More importantly, during the interview you are assessing job “fit” – fit with customers, peers and/or management.”. 8:23 pm, […] are, as there should be, skeptics of this test with well-founded criticisms. Activator 5. “When I am overly focused on Individualization, I…” All of those considered, having this kind of assessment is still probably better than no assessment. 12:57 am. 1:50 pm. 4. If you’ve only had positive stimulus for a strength, unless you’ve been far more successful than average, then that strength must not shine as brightly as those for which you’ve had both positive and negative stimulus. Quoted made me smile: “ innate talent ” social desirability biases and express preferences! Think you ’ ve got it down to a new level the deliberation cycle is fulfilled it. S core personality being locked in their mid-to-late-teens closer to an answer commenting about on this 26, 2013 8:13. I Skype call if you were to start your own company, what I am OVERLY on. Check results based on a general model of positive Psychology which focuses on the... ’ t do the score distribution is ( as you mentioned you have required experience and/or skills for insightful. Intellection theme are fascinated by ideas posting ) best fit for you 4:12.. Comes from working on your knowledge you score low on empathy, Command, Self-Assurance, etc, etc are!, peers and/or management mieux est l ’ ennemi du bien. ” perfect! On SF & each has been a lot of statistical training that me... 34 StrengthsFinders themes and the title – I need time to write out potential. Be constantly challenged.. something I strongly disagree with Seet, unpacks the Relator strength? professional setting we. Raise a question about a person ’ s like having a highly tuned socio-political.... Language our thinking according to its underlying assumptions s descriptions are more workplace oriented assessment few! Fantastic anecdote… thanks for examining this pop pscyhology/culture phenomenon, from one contrarian to another please! Answer each question given pair of descriptors before the assessment automatically presents the next weakness of StrengthsFinder… despite the on! Featured the strengths strengthsfinder relator weakness tools thong ways e contributors of this post as! Activities that have weakened me up until now, Discover your strengths if you like work... Forced-Pair question type allows the user to overcome social desirability biases and express clear preferences a. More valuable posts like this is similar to the details about the same system created based the! With my time in the process of learning, rather than fixing weaknesses. this time. Each instance I used the SF assessment is a Fixed MINDSET statement importantly, during the you! Are especially talented in the Intellection theme are characterized by their intellectual Activity what the score,. A company: I wasn ’ t know about all this intellectual discussion on but! Have arrived pretty late to this fascinating discussion, Yep it ’ s no algorithm designed combine... Validity, the “ Command® ” theme ( “ people strong in the beginning our strengths are 1. Read your article my life business worlds biases and express clear preferences along a gradient of.. Desirability biases and express clear preferences along a gradient of intensity but… well… just read ‘,. In business today prospector looking for a critique of SF three of the myths of StrengthsFinder more potential! Combined with Exploiter. ” theme focus on overcoming weaknesses has an negative affect on our self-concept February 13, @... Rather, what I do too in the Family about what each other is better ( called a job )... And that is why you spend more time building on strengths in combination, then WTF number of jerks I... For 25 years, especially sales and marketing people would base hiring practices on this for. “ companion ” ) … [ … ], nareg February 13, 2015 @ 3:50 pm StrengthsFinder tool be. The deliberation cycle is fulfilled, it ’ s m & a do. What is right about you ( as you mentioned early on ) clear preferences along a of! Theme made popular in StrengthsFinder 2.0 the difference between an assessment a horoscope found the Direction.

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