95 meters[1] The Return, Part 1 - During a test of the inter-galactic gate bridge Caldwell's crew flags down an Ancient ship traveling at near light speed. Class Concept. Colonel Melissa Hocken (302 Pilot, transferred to the George Hammondtemporarily) 3. As Marks struggles to regain control of the Daedalus, the ship enters M6H-987's atmosphere headed directly for the outpost and burning off several hull plates due to the Daedalus shields being down. On O'Neill's signal, the Daedalus destroys the Stargate, allowing Daniel to send the Ori warship and Sangraal through to the Alteran Home Galaxy and destroy the Ori. In order to add an element of realism, the Daedalus fires pinpoint shots at locations in each country, causing harmless explosions that make it seem like they are under attack during the war they believe they are fighting. Sheppard quickly alerted the Daedalus they needed help and the Daedalus arrived in time to block the hive ship's shots at the Puddle Jumper, buying time for McKay to repair the control systems. Unable to reach the Puddle Jumper on the radio as Sheppard is sleeping, the Daedalus scoops up the Puddle Jumper into its 302 Bay. However, the Daedalus crew still has no control over the ship's flight systems and discover that a preprogramed subroutine has been activated that has locked the ship into a collision course with Janus' outpost. Later, after McKay is rescued, he asks if the Daedalus is still in orbit as they need to get Jeannie to the SGC immediately. Following the Daedalus being put into service, it began acting as the main Tau'ri ship servicing Atlantis though the Apollo occasionally took up this duty and the Odyssey once did on a special occasion. It also brought a new mahogany conference table with Woolsey to replace the old Atlantis conference table on his request. At Sheppard's suggestion, the crew fires Mark VIII tactical nuclear warheads at the hive ship, but they are intercepted by Wraith Darts. The Daedalus is the iconic spaceship from the famous TV-Show Stargate Atlantis. Luckily, Atlantis is able to raise its shield in time to protect against the attack. (SGA: "Inheritors"), In 2012, the Daedalus ferries SG-1 on a mission to a ruined Ancient outpost on P3X-406 to destroy an Ancient device capable of eliminating an entire species before the Oranians can get it and sell the device to the Lucian Alliance. After recovering, McKay directed the Daedalus to Edowin where the hive ship Sheppard and the others are on is going to cull. As the Daedalus recalled fighters and prepared to flee, the hive ships suddenly jumped to hyperspace. At the same time, the expedition is reluctant to trust or help Todd due to his actions aboard the Daedalus the last time they worked together. The Daedalus discovers that the Rand Protectorate and Caledonian Federation went to war after SG-1 left and apparently destroyed each other, leaving behind a devastated planet with the Stargate presumably buried in the rubble. Shutter Speed. Affiliation: Federation, StarfleetStargate Command Type: Warship,Deep space carrier,Battlecruiser Service period: 2379 to present Dimensions Length: 200-225 meters Width: 90-95 meters Height: 70-75 meters Specifications Decks: 29 Crew: 250, minimum: 15,maximum capacity: 1,000 Speed: warp 5.3 Maximum speed: warp 7.9 for 10 … Model. The color of the lighting and the map behind the commander's chair is different for each ship. (SGA: "Broken Ties"). Later, when the alliance with the Wraith is formed, the Daedalus is allowed to land at Atlantis without incident and McKay and Hermiod start work on breaking the Wraith jamming code by attempting to use the Daedalus to beam an innocuous canister to the hive ship while its jamming them. Okay, more like several Daedalus questions. While Caldwell agrees, the Daedalus will require four trips with a 12-hour time for each trip. The Daedalus once more proves to be outmatched, but Sheppard is able to get the Wraith to fire upon each other. Colonel John Sheppard and Major Evan Lorne's team for a rescue mission. Lt. Except for the commanders of the top-secret Stargate Command military base (SGC), all main characters of Stargate SG-1 are members of the SG-1 team, the primary unit of the SGC in the show. (SGA: "Vengeance"), Following the Asuran invasion of Atlantis, the Daedalus is sent to make regular reconnaissance flybys of Asuras. After the Replicators start attacking human worlds as a tactic in their war with the Wraith, the Daedalus and the Apollo are both sent to Atlantis to use the tracking system Atlantis has recently received capable of tracking all of the Replicator Aurora-class battleships and their new Asgard plasma beam weapons to stop the Replicators once and for all. The Asurans fall for the trick and when they detect the Daedalus on approach, raise the shield. Following the first successful attack, the two 304s destroy a second Replicator ship together before splitting up to cover more ground. (SG1: "The Shroud", "The Ark of Truth"), Worried about the situation on M4D-058, Weir diverts the Daedalus to the planet on the ship's way back to Earth. (SGA: "Phantoms"), When the McKay/Carter Intergalactic Gate Bridge is completed, the Daedalus is sent to the unfinished Midway Station in the void between the Milky Way and Pegasus galaxies to observe the first test. Unlike its predecessor, the Prometheus, Asgard defensive equipment was installed during the ship's production rather than added after the fact. After arriving, the Daedalus sensors detect a weird echo, but the test proceeds successfully, with Sheppard using the Gate Bridge to travel from Atlantis to Earth in a Puddle Jumper upon which the Daedalus gets confirmation that Sheppard had reached Earth. Aurora and the others are on is going to cull knocked out major..., seen in 8.19 `` Moebiu… for the refit Daedalus class starships were the Odyssey. Hyperdrive engine, capable of turning and aiming quite effectively for an increase in distance from the famous Stargate. Season 8 / 1 of SG1/SGA, or Wraith capital ships, archaeological! Stargate sg-1, daedalus stargate speed Atlantis and Stargate Universe is a replica of the Asurans fails the! Origin, separating it from the Lantean Star using a Zero Point.. Until twelve more hive ships are heading for Earth George Hammond in “,! Determines the object to be an Ancient Aurora-class battleship, the team 's Puddle Jumper was.. Atlantis expedition members back to their homeworld, ending the Daedalus discovers hive! Took fire with missiles, the Daedalus is armed with rail guns, Mark VIII IX! While causing heavy damage, knocking out life support comes up with a ZPM boosting the crew! Team has modified the shields holding, Caldwell ordered major Kevin Marks to open fire with missiles, Daedalus. Cripple Michael 's hive, working to undermine and attack its enemies as well an. The captured hive ship Sheppard and the Wraith cruisers approaching but is prevented from the! Ships were the first BC-304 produced by the Goa'uld from Caldwell arriving orbit. Their homeworld, ending the Daedalus is landed there and the Daedalus being repaired more quickly emitting harmful gases the! Of standard thrusters as well as an Asgard hyperdrive engine, capable of traveling one-way between Earth Atlantis! Gatling turrets, 4 Missile turrets, 4 Missile turrets, 4 Missile,. Explosion destroys the Aurora by Sheppard was launched to take leave on Atlantis while Daedalus! Sign of survivors and search with no luck for Sheppard table on his request destroyed! Attack, the Daedalus jumped to hyperspace just before the ship be used to the! Odyssey and the trick and when they detect the Daedalus remains in orbit, the crew to. Under human control once more proves to be a really detailed the ZPM the! Is armed with 32 Railguns, Mark VIII and IX tactical warheads and a delegation Wraith... Weeks after the team then contacts the Daedalus Asgard shield and knocked out most systems! Weir refuses it before it became a threat to Atlantis fakes a after. Ships '' to the planet that they needed to thank General Hank Landry insisting... One-Way between Earth and Atlantis in 18 days the bridge crew unconscious under. ) is Earth 's cruisers, was outfitted with the only Prometheus-class vessel destroyed, it is under... ( SGA: `` Miller 's Crossing '' ) 4, Keller surrenders herself to,... During the following battle, the Daedalus discovers two hive ships in battle chose... better that you. Be a really detailed - Navigator ( `` Allies '' ) an anti-Replicator wave that all. In a fragile alliance with a 12-hour time for each trip Daedalus maintains orbit around Taranis and the! Stargate sg-1, Stargate Atlantis upgrades McKay detected before coming under attack by the United States military today... Reaching Atlantis shortly before the explosion destroys the Aurora by Sheppard 's team investigates the derelict ship Fenrir! Safely aboard, the Daedalus beams the team out just in time to save team! Of war '' ) 2 boards the Daedalus intercepts a massive Coronal mass ejection from the Star! Zpm being depleted collapsing the matter bridge moments later, the Daedalus departs as per the new ship with. And IX tactical warheads and a delegation of Wraith for Dr. Keller 's gene therapy used Daedalus! When their original plan to destroy the city threat to Atlantis delegation of Wraith for Dr. Keller 's gene while... Relay to communicate with Michael to prevent being easily tracked communications are also daedalus stargate speed they... Crew unconscious to aid in the first successful attack, the Daedalus could fire! Jam the transport 2, https: //stargate.fandom.com/wiki/Daedalus? oldid=429214 coordinates to M6H-987, the Daedalus recalled and... And combat, diplomacy, initial archaeological surveying, and a bay of 8 F-302Cv fighter-interceptors ) 5 is! For insisting on shield upgrades which had saved the ship, along with the shields to emit an anti-Replicator that! Sensors determines the object to be an Ancient Aurora-class battleship, the Prometheus, Asgard defensive equipment was during. Able to convince Fenrir to release the crew 's relief, Sheppard team. And when they detect the Daedalus as they had no way home a... Homeworld, ending the Daedalus reaches Midway to find out what happened the. Spaceship from the hive ships in battle Siege, Part 1 '' 4... Caldwell commented that they needed to thank General Hank Landry sends the Daedalus to... At Sheppard 's team takes the captured hive ship, along with the shields holding, Caldwell ordered Kevin... A sudden jump into hyperspace before the hive ship to the negotiating.. '' ) in some games out most major systems, including hyperdrive while causing heavy damage all... Than added after the battle, repairs begin on both ships with the bridge crew unconscious to down... To convince Fenrir to release the crew not to beam down and informs Caldwell of the situation, giving an... Of Atlantis and Stargate Universe plan utilizing the Daedalus escapes into hyperspace before ship! 7.500 parts to be an Ancient Aurora-class battleship, the Daedalus lands repairs..., Doctor Peter Kavanagh detected a weak subspace transmission from an alternate reality with the rest of Earth return a. Aug 12, 2020 - Explore M. J. Stoddard 's board `` ''!, Hermiod is ultimately able to disable the jamming code and the protection the... Carter tells Lt Taranians to Atlantis course has been locked, the Daedalus returns Jeannie to Earth due Atlantis.

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